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Do you endure inexplicable and frustrating shortcomings in your life, whether in your health, wealth, emotions or relationships? After all the effort and passion you invest into personal growth, do you ever wonder exactly what it’s going to take to start living the life you deserve?

More and more people are discovering that the answer lies in the ancient science of Chakra Healing–a discipline that enables you to strengthen the energetic ecosystem of Chakras flowing through your body, so your Chakras are free to fulfill their unique roles and empower every area of your life..

In this FREE experiential online training session, Carol will take you on a fascinating journey filled with immersive guided meditations, powerful hands-on tools and eye-opening revelations designed to strengthen and unblock each of your 7 Chakras.

During the session you will experience 6 immersive training modules:

1. Get to know your Chakras

What would your Chakras say if they were sufficiently opened and energized? Here you’ll learn how to understand the nature of your Chakras, so you can recognize when they’re in an optimal state and work on them accordingly.

2. Connect your Chakras

Your Chakras work best when they’re energetically communicating with each other. Here you’ll learn a few simple steps to connect them so they can start working efficiently together.

3. Activate your psychic compass

Your Third Eye Chakra holds the key to your inherent intuition, creativity and psychic ability. Here you’ll learn a potent exercise to open it, so you can start enjoying a life enriched by powerful and reliable psychic guidance.

4. The energy of money shift

Learn why your current perception and energy of money may be unsuitable for today’s economic climate, and what you must do to shift it so you and your family can prosper and contribute.

The energy of money meditation

Join Carol on a guided meditation to open your 4th Chakra, and shift your energy of money into one suitable for the world’s current economic situation. You’ll shake off any feeling of financial helplessness, and find yourself empowered to make more and contribute more for your society.

6. The tools of the trade

Chakra Healing is practiced using a vast variety of healing modalities. Here you’ll learn about some of the most widely used ones, including meditation, yoga, gemstone therapy, visualization and breathing techniques, and how they can fit into your personal practice.

Just RSVP in the box on top or at the bottom of this page to book your spot, and prepare for an experience that will energize you for life.

Excited to have you next Tuesday,

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