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[dropcap_1]I[/dropcap_1]magine having the ability, at any given moment, to instantly uplift any aspect of your life by tapping into one of your 7 Chakras, and unblocking or strengthening it.

Need to perform better at work and get that raise or promotion? Strengthen your 1st Chakra. Want to eliminate misunderstandings and connect better with your spouse, kids, friends and co-workers? Work on your 4th Chakra. Want to spice up your sex life and enjoy mind-blowing orgasms? Unblock your 2nd Chakra. Need to lose that excess flab and look good in your clothes? Again, work on your 1st Chakra.

The Chakra7 System from world-renowned Energy Therapist Carol Tuttle is a complete “Chakra Toolkit” with a proprietary set of exercises and techniques to help you balance your energies, overcome even the most stubborn personal barriers, and improve any area of your life through…

Effective, effortless and enjoyable Chakra Healing.

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Are you in touch with your
energetic ecosystem?

As you read the words on this page, an incredible ecosystem of energy is flowing through you. It controls your emotions and dictates your desires. It influences your strengths and weaknesses. It has been there since you were born, and will stay with you until you die.

Like any other ecosystem, its parts work in tandem, and determine the strength of the whole. Your energetic ecosystem is known as the 7 Chakras–and just like how the flora and fauna in a rainforest rely on each other to create an optimal living environment, your 7 Chakras work together to create an optimal life for you.

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Great Minds on Chakras:dalai-lama

The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama acknowledges the importance of Chakras

In his critically acclaimed meditation book Mind in Comfort and Ease, His Holiness the Dalai Lama discusses the locations of the Chakras, and the life-influencing energies that flow through them. He is one of the many spiritual and scientific leaders who frequently discuss the crucial role Chakras play in our lives.



But what exactly are these 7 Chakras?

Chakras are 7 circular vortexes of energy (or sometimes pictured as flowers with petals) starting from your tail bone, and ending at the crown of your head. They are the focal points of your life force, or prana–and their individual states are vital to your holistic well-being.

Consider this–if we are all energetic beings of limitless potential, why do we face challenges in so many aspects of our lives? Why do our relationships, finances, career and sex life sometimes go awry?

The answer may be that the Chakra controlling this part of your life is dysfunctional–which means it’s your job to strengthen it. This is the foundation of Chakra Healing. It’s an effective, spiritual and completely natural way to break free from the shackles of personal limitations, and start living on your own terms.

Today, more and more people are waking up to the fact that this ancient science holds the key to virtually everything you’ve ever wanted in life. Have you ever wondered how some people can…

  • Almost effortlessly become top performers at work, have all the money they need for necessities and luxuries alike, and look fabulous doing it? That’s because their 1st Chakra, which controls their career and finances, is strong.
  • Indulge in mind-blowing passionate sex multiple times a week, even if they’re extremely busy and have been married for years? Their 2nd Chakra which controls their sexuality, is most likely glowing.
  • Consistently project an image of unwavering confidence, even in the toughest of situations, and play an active role in their families and communities? That’s all thanks to the radiance of their 3rd Chakra, which controls their personal power.
  • Enjoy deep, loving and understanding relationships with their teenage children, spouses, friends co-workers, and solve any dispute amicably? Their 4th Chakra, which controls their relationships, is no doubt healthy.
  • Always speak their minds, wear their hearts on their sleeves, and be respected for their authenticity? That’s a shining 5th Chakra, which controls their true voice, at work.
  • Rely on their “gut feelings” to intuitively solve problems at home and make important decisions at work–and be right about it most of the time? They’ve got an efficient 6th Chakra, which controls their intuition, to thank for that.
  • Experience an unwavering connection to God and their higher selves, and savor the security of knowing they’re being watched over at all times? Their 7th Chakra, which controls their divine consciousness, is surely empowered.






Science behind Chakras.



Dr. Valerie V. Hunt, scientist and Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at the University of California, LA

Radiation emanates from the sites associated with Chakras.

Upon conducting experiments with an electro-myograth, a contraption used to measure the electrical activity of muscles, Dr. Hunt discovered radiation in the bodies of her subjects, emanating from the sites traditionally associated with the Chakras.

Ref: Ozaniec, Naomi, Chakras for Beginners

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kirlian photography

Aura photography of person’s aura

Capturing the Chakras on film?

The science of Aura Photography claims to be able to capture an individual’s auras using video cameras designed to detect the human body’s electromagnetic field. The color of the aura is said to correspond with a person’s current physical and mental state–and in turn the state of their Chakras.

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Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, founder of the International Association for Religion and Parapsychology

“Mental concentration on the Chakra activates it.”

Upon developing a Chakra instrument designed to detect minute electrical, magnetic and optical changes in the environment of a person, Dr. Motoyama conducted a scientific experiment on a normal person, and a yoga practitioner with experience in Chakra Healing.

After monitoring the centers of his test subjects’ stomach and heart, he found that the heart center of the yoga practitioner showed a considerable intensification of measurable activity during periods of concentration.

Ref: Motoyama, Theories of the Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness, p. 274



Learn from the source of all energy healing practices.

Have you tried any form of energy healing in your life?

Maybe Yoga? Tai Chi? Qi Gong? Reiki?

If so, then you’ve already experienced some form of Chakra Healing at work.

Why? Because Chakra Healing is energy healing in its purest, truest form–and all energy healing disciplines are based on the concept of Chakras. The origins of this ancient science are rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism, and date back to the time of the Vedas, four holy books that Hindus believe emerged between 1500 and 1200 BC.

So if you’re looking for holistic, effective healing in every aspect of your life, why not learn from the source?



Great Minds about Chakras:


Jose Silva, Mind Empowerment Pioneer & Founder of the Silva Method

“I trained people to read auras”

“Before the Silva Method was developed, I trained people to read auras so they would be aware of people’s problems… Auras of the human body are said to be composed of seven radiating dimensions, each connected to a source that is spiritual, in the sense that it is nonphysical. The point where each dimension connects to the physical is called a chakra, a Sanskrit word. There are seven centers of life energy in the human body counting from a Chakra at the base of the spine to one at the top of the head.”


How does Chakra Healing relate to other popular energy healing practices?

products-symbol-1The breathing, stretching and meditative exercises used in Yoga are frequently targeted at the energy lines, or Chakras, flowing through the body.
products-symbol-2By drawing on their personal energy systems, Reiki masters work on energy blocks within the body, with the intention of healing different aspects of people’s lives.
products-symbol-3Traditional Chinese healing sciences, like Tai Chi, assert that the body has natural patterns of qi energy associated with it. Illnesses are seen as the product of disrupted or unbalanced qi movements.
products-symbol-4The science of Acupuncture recognizes the Chakras, or as it calls them, the Taiji Pole, as the main energy conduit in the body.
products-symbol-5Qi Gong is the Mandarin Chinese term for the Chakra System, and states that qi energy flows through energy channels known as meridians.


The 7 influencers of your life

Each of your Chakras has its own unique “personality”, each controlling a specific aspect of your life. So if you’re experiencing any form of physical or mental shortcomings, limitations or challenges in your life, there’s a high chance one of your Chakras is weak or closed.

But how do you tell which of your Chakras are strong, and which need repairing? Simple–take a good look at the circumstances in your life.

Use the guide below and evaluate yourself:






1. Root Chakra

Location: Base of the spine

Primarily influences your career, money mindset and sense of belonging.

Energies: Earth, grounding, focusing, centering

You know your Root Chakra is STRONG when you love your career and get rewarded for being so good at it. Everybody envies you for your uncanny ability to make, save and invest money. You always have more than enough money to go on holiday and buy what you want, without feeling guilty afterwards. You always feel wanted and loved by your friends and family, and you feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror, both physically and emotionally.

You know your Root Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED when you’re stuck in an unfulfilling and unrewarding career, and you never seem to have enough money–which leaves you worried and in debt. Spending money is a harrowing experience for you, as you doubt your ability to budget effectively. You suffer from weight or body issues, which leave you feeling unworthy and uncomfortable in your own skin.




2. Sacral Chakra

Location: Lower abdomen

The energy center of sexuality and pleasure.

Energies: Fire, energizing, charging

You know your Sacral Chakra is STRONG when you see sex in a positive light, as a glorious, pleasurable and healthy activity. You enjoy passionate, frequent and long-lasting sex with your partner. Orgasms are mind-blowing, and you and your partner often orgasm at the same moment. You make time to have sex at least a few times a week, even if you’ve been married or attached to the same person for years. You are always able to attract the right partners–compatible people who nourish you, fill you with joy and make you a better person.

You know your Sacral Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED when the thought of sex conjures images of guilt and pain in your mind. You rarely have the time or inclination to have sex, and when you do, it’s lackluster. You and your partner rarely orgasm at the same time, and premature or delayed ejaculation may be a frequent problem. You struggle to see yourself as ‘sexy’, and sometimes wonder how anyone could desire you. Your partners are often wrong and incompatible for you, and you find yourself wondering if you’ll ever find “the one”.



solar plexus chakra

3. Personal Power Chakra

Location:Above the navel

Influences your personal power and ability to channel

this power into the world.

Energies:Fire, energizing, charging, lends energy

You know your Personal Power Chakra is STRONG when you are admired for your confidence and healthy self-esteem, both in your career and personal life. You’re never afraid to speak your mind, and you empower those around you to do the same. Your family, colleagues and community see you as a charismatic individual, determined to use your charisma and power for making the world a better place.

You know your Personal Power Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED when you struggle with self-esteem issues, and feelings of unworthiness. You tend to question yourself when faced with important decisions like whether to move to another city, change your career, get married to your partner or to have children. You feel like a victim in the world, and often feel powerless to circumstances and other people’s desires. You may also suffer from frequent stomach pains and stomach anxiety.



heart chakra

4. Heart Chakra

Location:Center of the chest

The Chakra for love, relationships and self-acceptance.

Energies:Water, calming, soothes, relaxes

You know your Heart Chakra is STRONG when you enjoy comfortable, loving and empathic relationships at home, at work and in your community. You get along with your family. Your friends see you as a reliable person. At work, you’re known as the one people can talk to. You feel a heartfelt sense of gratitude for how wonderful your life is, and feel compassion for all around you.

You know your Heart Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED when you tend to sabotage your relationships with distrust, anger, and a sense that you’ll lose your independence if you rely too much on others. You may struggle with commitment, experience frequent fights or misunderstandings with your loved ones, and always keep yourself “on guard” in case you get hurt by someone.



throat chakra

5. Throat Chakra


The Chakra of your “true voice”.

Energies: Water, calming, soothes, relaxes

You know your Throat Chakra is STRONG when you are good at voicing out your thoughts, ideas and emotions to those around you. You’re admired for your willpower and strong communication skills, and your conviction to speak the truth, even if it may be uncomfortable to some. Your career and personal life are enriched as a result.

You know your Throat Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED when you constantly feel like nobody cares about your opinions, and that you have nothing of value to say. You’re likely to be known as the ‘quiet one’ in your professional and social circles, and you frequently settle with following other people’s opinions. You often suffer from a blocked and sore throat.



third eye chakra

6. Intuitive Chakra

Location:Center of the forehead

This Chakra acts as your inner compass.

Energies: Air, meditative, intuition, promotes thought

You know your Intuitive Chakra is STRONG when you are able to make accurate intuitive decisions and evaluations about your career, your family and the intentions of other people. You often know things without knowing exactly how you know them, and you have a clear sense of direction and clarity in everything that you do. You have a vivid picture of where your life is headed, and the people around you are likely to rely on you for guidance and advice.

You know your Intuitive Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED if you feel lost and helpless when faced with decisions and judgment calls. You are indecisive, uncommitted and unconfident of the decisions you end up making, because you have a history of making the wrong ones. You feel spiritually lost, and your true purpose is unclear to you. You often get headaches and feel tension in your brow area.



crown chakra

7. Crown Chakra

Location:Top of the head

The Chakra of divine consciousness.

Energies: Air, meditative, intuition, promotes thought

You know your Crown Chakra is STRONG when you perpetually feel connected to a higher power, be it God, Universal Consciousness or simply your higher self. As you go through your daily life, you are always reminded that you are being watched over, and you feel immense gratitude for the universal love and appreciation you feel towards yourself and others. Others describe you as “glowing”.

You know your Crown Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED when you feel little or no connection to a higher power, and always feel alone. You feel unworthy of spiritual help, and perhaps even angry that your higher power has abandoned you. You often suffer from migraines and tension headaches.








speaking your truth


divine connection



Meet Carol Tuttle

carol tuttleCarol Tuttle is a world-renowned Energy Therapist, who started her Chakra Healing journey in 1989 as a severely depressed mother of 5 young children. She first dabbled in conventional medical therapy to find a cure for her condition, only to find undesirable long-term remedies involving prescription medication.

Convinced that there was a better way to “heal” her depression, she began studying the world of energy healing.

Carol began with Reiki and Rapid Eye Therapy, then on to EFT, Tapping and Energy Medicine. In 1994 she received her Master Certification in several modalities, and began her career as an Energy Therapist.

Today Carol has not only healed her depression, but trains tens of thousands of people across the world to use their Chakras to improve their lives in every aspect–be it with money, fitness, relationships or emotional wellbeing. She is also an internationally acclaimed and award-winning author, speaker and businesswoman.




“Carol Tuttle’s approach to helping people overcome emotional barriers is amazingly effective.

I highly recommend her selfhealping techniques to anyone seeking the next level of health and healing.”

– Dr. Joseph Mecola about Carol Tuttle


Carol Tuttle’s media appearances


A training curriculum perfected over 21 years.

carol tuttleCarol has made it her life purpose to help you achieve total energetic balance with Chakra Healing, which in turn gives you holistic wellbeing in all areas of your life. Since 1989 she has been studying and perfecting the science of energy healing, both for use in her own life and for the tens of thousands of people across the globe whom she trains every year.

What she has found in this time is that any successful Chakra Healing training system MUST include the following 5 elements:

1. A structured training curriculum

This allows you to focus on each Chakra one at a time, understand its role and master it at your own pace. Unlike many existing Chakra Healing training systems, the Chakra7 System splits up its curriculum into 7 distinct parts (1 part for each Chakra). You’ll always have a clear sense of progress and direction, and you’ll never be left wondering “what do I do next?”.

2. Experiential training

Experiential training is about teaching you on both a conscious and subconscious level for the best possible results. Chakra7 does this by offering clear step-by-step instructions and immersive hands-on exercises that embed themselves in your mind, so you can recall and invoke your learnings on autopilot. You’ll find yourself retaining information and learning faster than ever before.

3. A vast selection of learning modalities

You can practice Chakra Healing using a variety of modalities like EFT, Yoga and Meditation. Carol has designed this program for you to experience the most effective modalities available today, understand their role in your Chakra Healing process, and work with the ones that best suit your unique needs. In other words you’ll be able to transform Chakra7 into your own personalized experience.

4. Practical tools and techniques for daily usage

You’ll get the best short and long-term results with Chakra Healing by practicing it daily. Chakra7 teaches you to seamlessly blend easy, quick and practical daily tools and techniques into your busy daily schedule, without weighing you down or sucking away your time. So whether you choose to practice it daily or a few times a week, you’ll actually look forward to your Chakra Healing sessions!

5. Multiple consumption methods

Maybe you prefer watching training videos, maybe you’d rather read training manuals, or perhaps you’d prefer a bit of both. Everyone’s learning style is different, which is why the Chakra Mastery System allows you to choose your preferred consumption method. You’ll find learning is much easier when you do it on your own terms.



“What a blessing Carol Tuttle’s healing information has been in my life. Carol’s no-nonsense, I-believe-in-you attitude has been just what I have needed to stay on my path to wholeness. As I daily listen to her resources for support, I am uplifted and rejuvenated. The growth that I have been able to achieve in a relatively short amount of time amazes me, particularly because of how far gone I felt that I was.”
– Heather Flangan
“I don’t give my trust and loyalty out easily. Carol has my full trust and support as everything she has put out has changed my life for the better. I would not have it any other way. My life has been fulfilled in such an amazing way. I am grateful for all she does.”
– Ann Louise Harris
“I remember so clearly listening to the Chakra DVD’s and learning. I was so excited, my Husband thought I was in a happy bubble. My family situation has turned around from your resources. From Learning your chakra series i won a scholarship to Thai Yoga School and received a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Certification. From Chef to Healing – pretty crazy.”

– Rosemary Fischer

“Before listening to Carol I was feeling overwhelmed, overstressed, and powerless. I felt like I was worrying myself to death. After listening to Carol’s program I felt a feeling of peace. I learned such amazing techniques to use everyday to clear my energy blockages. I am using the skills I learned daily to help clear my limiting beliefs and to manage stressful situations. I know that as I continue to use the skills taught by Carol I will be able to create more health and wealth.”
– Alicia Barwick



Choose from 9 embedded healing modalities.

Chakra Healing is taught using a variety of modern and traditional healing modalities, from Yoga to Meditation to Crystal Therapy. Which of these modalities suits you? The choice is completely yours, and depends on your personal preferences, circumstances and learning style.

The good news is Chakra7 is the only curriculum of its kind to offer a wide range of the most effective healing modalities available today, giving you the freedom to tailor-make your Chakra Healing journey into an enjoyable, intuitive and personalized experience.

The following modalities have been embedded into Chakra7:



“Studying this information has helped me understand and work with one of the most powerful energy systems we have as humans. I am grateful to Carol for producing this amazing one-of-a-kind training. The information on the Chakras is practical and useful to implement into your daily life to not only make a difference in how you feel, but make a difference in what you are creating and attracting to you.”

– Kate Wilson


thai yoga therapy

Embedded Modality 1: Thai Yoga Therapy

Chakra7 is perhaps the only Chakra Healing program in the world to fully integrate Yoga into its curriculum. Said to be developed by a contemporary of the Buddha himself, Thai Yoga Therapy is a physical meditation system of palming, thumbing and opening up your energy lines, and targeting acupressure points for each Chakra. It energizes your lymph system, lowers your blood pressure, and elegantly connects your body with your energetic and spiritual nature. Every module in Chakra7 contains specially created Thai Yoga exercises for Chakra Healing, presented by Syl Carson–veteran Yoga instructor and founder of Bodhi Yoga.

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Embedded Modality 2: Meditation

Meditation is perhaps the most well-known and widely used healing technology today. Millions of people across the world use it daily to enter an alternate state of mind for enhanced relaxation, clarity, healing and intuition. Chakra7 contains its own proprietary set of meditation exercises designed to burrow deep into your mind, and unblock each of your 7 Chakras from a subconscious level.

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Embedded Modality 3: Visualization

Next to meditation, visualization is also one of the most popular healing technologies used today. By visualizing a premeditated scenario and outcome, and infusing this outcome with emotions, you can program your subconscious mind to achieve otherwise impossible feats. Chakra7 includes a variety of Guided Visualization Exercises focusing on unblocking each of your 7 Chakras.

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rapid eye technology

Embedded Modality 4: Rapid Eye Technology (RET)

Do your emotions tend to get the best of you a little more often than you’d like? RET is a safe and natural process designed to eliminate virtually any form of emotional stress. By duplicating REM sleep, it burrows deep into your subconscious and identifies and eliminates underlying trapped fears that cause anxiety, stress, unwanted emotions and consequently blocked Chakras. Many experts describe it as “talking to your brain in its own language.”

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crystal healing

Embedded Modality 5: Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing has been used by many different peoples throughout history, including the Chinese, Egyptians, the Hawaiian islanders and the Hopi Indians of Arizona. It involves placing various types of crystals or gemstones, from quartz to jade, on parts of the body corresponding to the Chakras. Each type of crystal emanates a unique healing vibration, which when selected correctly aids in unblocking the Chakras.

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emotional freedom technique

Embedded Modality 6: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT is a form of alternative psychotherapy that eliminates unresolved traumatic memories and experiences, such as abuse, betrayal or hurt, that may be holding you back and blocking your Chakras in your current reality. This is accomplished by tapping on your body’s acupuncture points, and adjusting your body’s energy field into its optimal state.

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Embedded Modality 7: Reframing

Rooted in the practice of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reframing is the method of changing your mind’s perception of a certain event, memory or person, into a perception that will positively benefit your current reality. For example instead of perceiving your father as ‘overbearing’, you can reframe your mind to think of him as ‘protective’. By training you to constructively evaluate your experiences, Reframing allows you to overcome emotional blockages that may be interfering with your Chakras.

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Embedded Modality 8: Breathing

Breathing techniques are used in a variety of healing modalities, from meditation to yoga, to improve your focus and general wellbeing. By training your body to breathe in the right way, you’ll be able to enter a state of mind conducive to connecting with your higher self and unblocking your Chakras.

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Embedded Modality 9: Affirmations (Chanting)

Affirmations are positive statements designed to reinforce a certain idea or desire in your subconscious mind. By constantly affirming that you are healthy, for example, you will find yourself automatically taking steps to becoming healthy with minimal effort and resistance. This modality is implemented in Chakra Healing through affirmations directly related to each of your Chakras.

What’s in Chakra7 ?



Thai Yoga exercises for enhanced Chakra Healing with Syl Carson



Thai Yoga exercises for enhanced Chakra Healing

As you begin watching the Chakra7 videos, you’ll notice that Carol is accompanied by another instructor. Her name is Syl Carson, and she’s the founder of Bodhi Yoga, a form of Yoga designed to help you fully develop your optimal physical, mental and emotional strength.

Throughout the program Syl will enhance your learning experience with Thai Yoga exercises created especially to unblock and strengthen each of your 7 Chakras. These exercises combine physical stretches and meditation aspects to open up your energy lines, increase energy flow and connect your body with your energetic and spiritual nature.

You don’t need any prior Yoga experience to get the most out of these exercises–they’re designed to be practiced by students of any level, and will enrich every part of your Chakra Healing training with a unique experience that only Chakra7 provides.

How to use Chakra7.

Every Chakra7 module and bonus is conveniently placed on our secure, interactive and easy-to-use online membership area.
Once you make your order, we’ll send you instant access instructions and your unique username and password.
chakra7 library


Carol’s Chakra7 Triple Guarantee

Three uncompromising promises for your absolute peace of mind.


The sheer quality of every lesson, every technique and every exercise in Chakra7 will exceed your every expectation. Even the packaging and the online membership area have been made with the greatest of care.


Upon using Chakra7, you’ll notice virtually instant results that will only get better in the coming days, weeks and months. Remember you can also write to us at any time for personal guidance and tips.


Chakra7 will give you total control over your 7 Chakras, and spark profound positive changes in every aspect of your life.

We stick by our claims. If for any unlikely reason Chakra7 doesn’t live up to any of these three promises, just drop us an email.
You can opt for FREE personal coaching, or a prompt and courteous refund within 90 days of your date of purchase.




Order Now and get 2 bonus gifts:


Bonus Module:
How to practice Proxy and Long Distance Energy Healing


Imagine being able to use Chakra Healing not just on yourself, but on your children, your spouse, your friends and your colleagues. In this bonus module Carol and Syl will train you to induce healing in others, regardless of geographic location, and understand how your energy and thoughts affect others on a daily basis. Highlights include:

  • The surprising truth on how you energetically affect those around you as you carry out your daily activities, like sending your kids to school or having lunch with your colleagues.
  • Does a loved one need your help? How to practice Proxy Healing and Long Distance Energy Healing, so you can energetically heal others–even if they’re in another city or country.
  • A fascinating live demonstration of Proxy Healing, where you’ll witness firsthand the potential of this potent practice.
Bonus Text:
Full PDF transcripts of the entire Chakra7 program


Maybe you want to revisit a certain part of Chakra 7. Maybe you need to take notes. Or maybe you just prefer reading text to watching video. With these handy and complete transcripts you won’t need to rewind, pause and fast forward through the video lessons to find what you need. Read them on your computer or mobile phone, or print them out (if you really have to, we don’t advocate wasting paper), and learn the way you want to.


The affordable path to Chakra Mastery

Booking a seat at one of Carol’s often sold-out Chakra Healing training seminars would cost you anywhere between $600 to $800–excluding the price of transport and accommodation. But releasing the Chakra7 online allows us to offer the exact same content, while dramatically reducing our overheads. There’s no venue cost, and no personal time investment by Carol–and we’re transferring those savings to YOU.

Order on this page, and you’ll get the entire 22-hour Chakra7 home training program for as low as $139–along with the two FREE bonuses, the Yoga special feature, and the unconditional 90 day money back guarantee.

Special 30% Discount For First 1000 Buyers.
Valid ONLY until 8th of February 2011

Chakra7 System
chakra healing products
Order NOW and get instant access to:
  • The Chakra7 System, featuring 22 hours of video training with Carol Tuttle
  • Special Feature: Thai Yoga exercises with Syl Carson for enhanced Chakra Healing
  • Bonus 1: Video training for Proxy and Long Distance Energy Healing
  • Bonus 2: Full PDF transcripts of the entire Chakra7 System
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Learn the way you want to

Each video module is also available in typed transcript, giving you total freedom to consume Chakra7 the way you want to.


Intuitive training curriculum

Each of the 7 Chakras is covered in a dedicated module with its own set of proprietary tools, techniques and lessons.


A respected authority

You’re in safe and very capable hands. Carol Tuttle is a certified, award-winning Energy Therapist who trains tens of thousands of people.


Groundbreaking learning modalities

You’ll learn from a wide variety of energy healing modalities including EFT, Meditation and Crystal Therapy, Yoga and Rapid Eye Technology.


Proudly published by MindValley

MindValley publishes only the best personal growth materials in the market, and handpick who they work with so that only truly enlightened ideas are put out.


Stellar customer support

Need a hand with ordering? Something not working? Whatever your question or concern, our world-class customer support team is delighted to help you.

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