Kundalini Massage – Your Key To a Remarkable Source of Energy And Power

kundalini man‘Kundalini’ is one of those terms that many of us have come across in our search for spiritual awakening and good health, but it is more often than not a concept that most of us misunderstand, or fail to grasp the reality of. In ancient Sanskrit texts, Hindu scholars, healers and philosophers of old India describe the kundalini as a coiled serpent, a dormant, sleeping snake wrapped up tightly at the base of our spine. When awakened, it can produce unprecedented reserves of energy, formidable willpower and an unstoppable force of being which can benefit your life is some truly amazing ways. If you feel powerless in this world, like you have lost the ability to express your true voice and make yourself heard in the noisy crowds of your life, you could probably benefit greatly from beginning to uncoil and awaken the serpentine energy within you.


Kundalini and the Chakras


However, in order to awaken and control your kundalini energy, you need to understand how it relates to your chakras. Your chakras are your seven key energy centers, located in a straight line through your body. The ‘coiled serpent’ of kundalini energy rises through your torso, in line with your spine, and passes through each and every one of your chakras, from your root to your spine. It is in this way that the kundalini energy can be so effective, and, if your chakras are not balanced and open, occasionally overwhelming, even dangerous. As the kundalini energy rises through the torso, it both rejuvenates itself, as well as offering its own force, through the chakras, making it easier to grasp life in both hands, and enhance your experience of living, loving and working. Through aligning your chakras with the energy boost that comes about via kundalini awakening, you can quickly and effectively put your life in perspective, and overcome a vast range of problems of difficulties.


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‘Raising the serpent’


Considering these facts, it is no surprise that many people are becoming more and more interested in tapping into this source of power and unlocking their true potentials. We all possess kundalini – the serpent exists within each and every one of us – but how can we stop it from being dormant, and feel the effects of it rising through our physical and spiritual bodies? There are many methods, and some involve the assistance of a kundalini masseur, whilst others can be done alone through concentration, meditation, willpower and visualization If you want to attempt to raise your kundalini energy alone, you’ll first need to spend a considerable amount of time balancing and opening your chakras. This will coax the energy to awaken itself, and make your efforts more fruitful. Once you are in a healthy and open relationship with your body’s energy centers, you can begin meditating on your kundalini energy, or exploring yogic techniques to help awaken it.


Kundalini Massage


massageOne of the more effective methods of raising your powerful kundalini energy is through kundalini massage. For millennia now, there have been people practicing this very specific and special form of massage in order to free the potential within others, and you too can hugely benefit from this kind of massage. Kundalini massage differs greatly from other methods of massage, even those from the same cultural heritage you may have come across in the past.


Whereas ayurvedic massages usually focus on releasing tensions from all parts of the body, kundalini masseurs focus primarily on each of the seven chakras in turn, allowing them to open themselves to a greater than normal extent and coax the kundalini energy upwards from its resting place. This involves an extensive full body massage, often assisted by light, fragrances, even certain stones or crystals associated with each of the chakras. The masseur will most commonly tailor their sessions to your own requirements and by identifying the chakras which need the most assistance, and this can often involve meditations, yogic exercises, affirmations and a whole range of other holistic methods.


The idea behind it is not to imbue your body with energy given by the masseur, but to allow your body to discover its own energy sources by working through any blockages, leakages or disruptions in your natural energy flow. The results can be truly astonishing for those who have taken the time to undertake the process, and you may discover not only your true resources of energy, but your true voice, true potential, path and self.