Daily Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hand Chakras

Hand chakras, though small, are important to your wellbeing.Our hands are receptive, taking things that are given to us. They are also giving. They are expressive of our moods, communicating our needs, desires and ideas – but did you know that there are chakras in the hands?

When we talk about the chakras we typically refer to the seven main chakras, but do not discount these ‘lesser chakras’ simply because of that. The chakras in your palms are not so much centers for storing energy like the seven main chakras are, but more channels through which energy can pass back and forth. The chakras in your hands are directly related to the balance of your heart chakra. Keeping your hand chakras healthy is very important to the overall balance of your chakra system.

Signs of Healthy Hand Chakras

When your hand and heart chakras are properly balanced and connected, you can control the outward flow of heart chakra energy through the palms of your hands. Here are some signs that show these chakras are balanced with each other.

  • You find it easy to openly and clearly convey your thoughts and ideas to others.
  • You are receptive and open to the ideas of others even if they do not mirror your own.
  • Being able to give and care unconditionally.
  • Being able to receive humbly as opposed to compulsively or greedily. What comes with these traits is your ability to receive gifts, knowledge, advice, etc, from others in a positive way. You will also be able to share and give to others without coming off as overbearing, insulting or stirring up guilt in another.
  • You have a flair for creativity and rarely suffer from lulls in inspiration (writer’s block, etc.).
  • You welcome praise and validation from others for your work (in a spirit of acknowledging and honoring your talents, meaning your self-esteem and self-worth are high), but you do not require praise or validation to bolster your self-worth.

If you find yourself lacking in any or all of these there may be unhealthy imbalances in your heart and hand chakras as well as discrepancies in the connections between the two. This can cause you to feel closed off from others and even closed off from yourself. You will find it hard to feel positive in varying situations and your communicative abilities can be lacking.

Not to despair, though. There are simple methods you can do to help restore balance to the hand chakras and repair the connection between them and your heart chakra. Read on for a deep explanation of a simple, everyday healing method.


A Simple Technique to Open Your Hand Chakras

Hold your hands level with your solar plexus, the left overlapping the right, but not touching each other. Keeping both palms facing up, the fingers of your left hand point to the right while the fingers of your right hand point to the left.

1. Take a few deep, relaxing breaths and focus your intentions on opening up the hand chakras.

2. Now begin to open and close both hands. Do this quickly, but not uncomfortably. You want to be able to repeat this as many times as you can, but you do not want your hands to become worn out. Concentrate on making a loose fist rather than a clenched one.

3. Now reverse so that your right hand is on the top and the left is on the bottom. Do not change the directions that your hands are facing, simply their placement over each other. Be sure to keep the palms facing up.

Maintain the openness of your hand chakras every day.4. Repeat step three for both hands again.

5. Now bring your hands to chest height and put them into prayer position. The palms should be gently pressed together with all corresponding fingers touching as they extend straight upward.

6. Rub your palms together for 6 seconds or so as though you are trying to warm them.

7. This next step can either be said aloud or thought to yourself. It depends on whether your physical voice or mental voice carries more weight with you at the time. Say or think the word “open” then clap your hands together 3 times.

8. Finally, hold your hands at chest height again, but keep them slightly apart from each other. Focus on the sensations you are now feeling in each hand. Concentrate on and allow yourself to feel the energy that passes between your palms. It is often described as a tingling and warming sensation. This exercise has physically stimulated the circulation in your hands which allows for the energy to be efficiently channeled for use.

Variations on the Technique

You can create your own variations to the technique and still get great results. For example, it is more comfortable for some to keep their hands in their lap. Try that if keeping your hands at heart level brings discomfort. You can also try the prayer pose with your arms raised above your head. This can even bring some connection with the crown and third eye chakras.

Incorporate hand chakra healing into daily meditation.However you find that this technique works best, be sure you give yourself a few minutes each day to practice this. You can do this technique more than once in any given meditation session or simply do it whenever you feel the need to open your heart chakra.

Bear in mind, the more you practice the easier it will become for you to quickly open your hand chakras when needed. Employ some daily check-ins to see if you are lacking in any of the traits that describe healthy hand and heart chakras and remain mindful of yourself. For more information on whether your heart/hand chakras are blocked, check out the Chakra Test.

And remember, your intentions are powerful – so be sure your intention is set on “open” and hold your focus on that concept as you perform the technique of opening your hand chakras.

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