The Energies of Healing: How To Use Them

energyOur bodies are wonderful and mysterious things, a complex organism capable of achieving great feats, creating new life and acting as our vehicles through this existence. We are all aware of the things we can do with our bodies, and our lives are spent watching them grow and change, develop and transform. However, we are all equally aware of the fact that we are far from being invincible.

From early childhood we awake to the realisation that it does not take much for our bodies to fail, or become sick, or let us down completely. The march of human civilisation has been partly driven by a desire to overcome such failings, and many great successes and achievements have been gained through the development of medical practices and the enhancement of our knowledge of how our material bodies function, why they become sick, and how they can be cured with the help of medicines and chemical compounds.

Healing in the modern age

This is all very well, but in recent years many doubts have been raised regarding the way we view healing, and what it means to deal with our problems, pains and illnesses in the modern age. On one hand, we should all consider ourselves lucky to live in an era where we no longer have to worry about being struck down by relatively minor illnesses, or find ourselves suffering from infections brought about by ignorance regarding cleanliness and sterilisation.

On the other hand, we have become somewhat addicted to modern medicine, with many of us stocking up regularly on pills and capsules to rid ourselves of minor irritations or recurring problems. One of the main worries and concerns about our civilisation’s medical system is the fact that we now seem to treat only the symptoms of illnesses and problems, instead of examining the causes, or viewing such problems in holistic ways which consider the entire body, the mind, our environments, and importantly, our innate ability to heal ourselves.

Healing the self

Indeed, we as humans and conscious spiritual beings do have healing abilities. Ancient civilisations were acutely aware of this, and almost every culture around the world considered healing through the manipulation and control of natural energies valid at some point. As we grew more cynical, less spiritually aware and more materialistic over the ages, we began to lose the knowledge of healing energy we once held so dear, but the ability and natural impulse to do so was never fully lost.

After all, we are beings made up of energy. We hold powerful energy centres within our bodies, which drive us to do all that do in this life. Any sickness, pain or emotional and psychological problems we may encounter in our lives are as much the result of an imbalance of energies as they are to do with anything else, and by awakening to this realisation, we can begin to use our innate healing abilities to leave the chemicals to one side and concentrate on using energy to heal ourselves.

A change in perspective

jumpNext time you find yourself suffering from aches or pains, or if you have a recurring illness or complaint which seems to come back again and again, resist the urge to pop a pill or two, and instead sit down and get back in touch with your body. The chances are, you are suffering from a blockage or a leakage of energy from a particular chakra, the great wheels or vortexes of powerful healing and motivating energy that run through your body. With a bit of simple research, you can quite easily find out which of your chakras is malfunctioning and losing energy (by identifying your symptoms or the part of your body you are struggling with) and thus go about using healing energies to help yourself.

Our chakras absorb energy from both the physical world around us, as well as the divine sources of energy and the spiritual plane, and as such, there is a vast resource of healing energy to tap into, and with which to assist your own healing process. Spend some time meditating, using visualisation techniques and affirmations, changing your diet and mindset and you will begin to see astonishing results which come about by doing little more than changing the way you see your body, and how it connects to the mind, the soul and the world around you.

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