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What People Are Saying About Chakra7

t has made me happy for the first time in a long time!

I am loving my experience with Chakra 7. I am only about half way through the course because I’m taking my time and trying to really learn and focus on it.

I have felt some real shifts in my self esteem and my frequency levels. It has made me happy for the first time in a long time. These chakra lessons have been so much help. I just feel better. I feel that there is hope and that life will be meaningful again.

I’m beginning to come out of my shell. I’ve been nearly homebound for years, and I’m beginning to venture out.

Toni Stewart
I started to improve my life.

Chakra7 Program taught me to become aware of my deepest inner intentions, feelings, thoughts and connections and how to trust them and create true confidence. Thanks to this program I cleared a coldness that took seat in my heart, when I lost my first Love. It helped me to accept the situation and from this point on, I started to improve my life, step by step, day by day….

I would recommend this techniques to everyone!

I felt the difference in me almost instantly.

The Chakra7 course helped me find all of the answers to my questions. The course re-introduced me to the Chakras, explained what they do, and the magnificent power they have to heal. It was absolutely amazing to learn all about the blueprint for healing in all aspects of our lives that the Chakras contain. What a beautiful gift! And when I applied what I had learned in my daily practices, I felt the difference in me almost instantly. I practically changed over night. It is a very practical system with immediate and lasting results. Now, when I play with them, I can actually feel the energy flowing from me and all around me. And I love playing with my own energy. I am now more energetic and happy and balanced and at peace. You can’t put a price on that. Thank you, Carol and Syl.

I would positively recommend Chakra7 (and I have) to anyone who was like me and knows even a little about the Chakras (like they are there), but doesn’t know why or what to do. Again, it is a super practical course with loads of information that, if applied, has the power to shift your energy and allow for beautiful changes. The best lesson from the entire course (for me) is that I didn’t have to be perfect at anything (meditation, yoga, tapping); it was my intention that mattered. And if the intention is there, the changes automatically happen.

Denise Pitt
New York
Chakra7 really gets to the root.

Most people just don’t realize what’s going on in their lives that is keeping them stuck or unhappy. Chakra7 really gets to the root. There were issues I hadn’t even thought of and at first skipped over some thinking they didn’t apply to me. Then realized later that they did. I had buried them.

I have been a massage therapist/healer for a number of years. Have read a lot about chakras. But this system was much more thorough. I felt it did a deeper cleansing and helped me to understand exactly what was going on instead of someone just telling me a chakra was closed and opening it without helping me understand the reasons. I will definitely continue to use. Thanks so much.

Rebecca Garcia
Dayton, OH
Chakra7 has helped me enormously

Chakra7 has helped me enormously. It has automatically made me a happier person inside and out and has made me feel really positive and hopeful.

Before I knew about Chakra 7 I was feeling so down and now I feel lifted up with happiness. Chakra7 has make me understand myself better and has increased my confidence to a point that I can focus my energy on improving my own future in terms of higher education and career advancement.

Thank you so much for the wonderful amazing knowledge!

I’m feeling like a new person.

I’m feeling like a new person. My outlook on life, relationships, finances, have all improved, and everyday I feel more and more excited about what’s possible within this system of healing. Considering what I’ve been through and the kinds of problems I’ve faced so far in life, Chakra7 has my highest regards.

I’d recommend it to everyone and anyone. The tools and knowledge and wisdom I’ve picked up here are totally invaluable!

Bruce McMillan
Toronto, ON, Canada
Thank You!

I want to thank you for all the instructions I’ve received! My life changed so drastically, I was feeling down, but now I am more excited and optimistic than ever. Im now starting a new job that gives me more stability as well.

Thank you,

Jakarta, Indonesia
I am eager to report that I am making huge waves in my family

My goal was to get out of my depression and try and unblock my issues with money. I am eager to report that I am making huge waves in my family as I am slowly but surely getting more and more out of my state of depression and are more “active” in my household as a result of the Chakra7.

I think more people around the world should get in on the Chakra7 as I believe we can all benefit from this in clearing our blocks and moving forward in a more positive light!

I have actually already directed a couple of my friends to Carol’s website. I think Carol is an inspiration to not only women but men all over the world.

Thank You!

Ever since I started using this, things have started to improve, almost immediately. I also went to Carol’s personal website, and signed up for her healing center. I’m not sure if anyone has ever used those healing sessions as extensively as I did for weeks, almost a month!

Thank you SO MUCH Carol! It was definitely a lifesaver, and helped me to propel forward and took me from that dark place where my fears overcame me daily, and I was unable to do much at all.

I am now much much better, and the healing sessions that I did with Carol have been less – but just to know they are there for me help me so much. I think the idea of online healing one on one is a brilliant idea, and it really works!

Thank you so much for both the chakra healing, and for Carol’s personal healing center. I must have been lead by my angels and God to find all this. Thank you again.

Thank you,

Anya Tikka
New York State
I am living a joyful future.

CHAKRA 7 has really opened up a part of my life that I knew was there, but I did not know how to do it. I am able to see things from a new perspective and I know I will be emanating way more positive vibrations in my life, and I will be receiving a whole lot more blessings as well as helping others to transform their lives.

Anyone who want positive changes should invest in this transformational program, because the benefits out weigh the small investment that you will make for a lifetime of change. The changes that I see and feel are only a spec of what is to come in the months and years ahead. Thank you Carol and Syl for the changes that you experienced in your own lives and is now able to help others transform their lives and experience the joys of being born and know that there is a purpose for being here on this planet. Blessings, Manny.

Manny Palakdhari
Edmonton, Alberta. Canada
Your Program is Perfect

My goal is to make a great change in my life. Your program was surprise for me . Over two years I was searching for complete program for chakra, but I didn’t see any one like your program.

Your program is perfect. It helps me to understand myself better and it helps me to understand what do I need to fix in my life.

Thank you

Emad Aldajani
U.S Omaha, NE
I feel like I have received a great energy exchange for the investment.

My Dear fellow ‘enlightened’ ones…personally, I think Carol and Sil rock! I feel like I have received a great energy exchange for the investment. I’m working hard to clear and balance my chakras and wish not to pollute my energy with judgement over such minor matters as a technical clitch. I have paid for the 7 chakras program and I feel that anything else offered to me is a blessed bonus. Namaste my friends.

Deborah Marie
I feel like I have received a great energy exchange for the investment.

I have got back to being the real me since listening to Carol and can now open my chakras and have found that no matter where I am I can draw energy up from the earth and replenish it as and when I need to. Also of a night I can now pull down the cosmic energies into my crown chakra and I feel replenished and enjoy a good nights sleep every night. Carol thank you for re-awakening the real me and since then my business has gone from strength to strength and my whole outlook onlife has become energized and bright.

Loves light to you all Gordon