Your Guide to Kundalini Energy

kundalini energyAre you looking for a way to live out your fullest potential? Would you like to experience the benefits of self-renewal? Did you know that YOU possess kundalini energy?

You may have heard people talking about “kundalini,” but perhaps you haven’t taken the time to really understand the concept. Kundalini is one of the most fundamental facets of your being; the word kundalini refers to a coil of energy within your body. It’s something that all people possess, but most often it is dormant. Hindu holy texts liken the kundalini it to a sleeping serpent. When you awaken this serpent, you enable yourself to reach a new plateau of personal fulfillment.

In order to understand kundalini and how it can affect your body, you need to first understand the chakras. The chakras are centers of powerful, vibrational energy. They are located at seven sites on your body, from the sacrum to the crown of the head. The chakra centers control your ability to succeed, your happiness, your relationships, your sense of confidence and more. Through the chakras you can experience enlightenment.

Your kundalini is connected to the chakras; it ascends up your torso and passes through each chakra center. Just as you need to stop your car for fuel on a long journey, your kundalini energy is ‘refilled’ at each chakra site. When the kundalini force reaches the crown of your head, the location of the seventh and last chakra site, it empties out into your auric field. When you awaken this vital source of energy, you enable yourself to experience all that life has to offer.

Energetic blockages at chakra sites are the most common source of difficulty for those looking to raise their kundalini. When one or more of your chakra centers are weak or closed, the energy of kundalini is prevented from moving further. What’s more, these energetic disturbances can result in all kinds of illnesses, both physical and mental, which can prevent a person from moving forward. Your ability to take pleasure in life is greatly diminished.

If you suspect that a chakra imbalance is affecting you, you needn’t worry. So long as you are able to identify the site of that imbalance, you can work on restoring it through a variety of methods. Your first step towards revitalizing your chakras and allowing the energy to flow through your body is to identify whether or not you have a closed chakra center.

3 Steps to Raising Your Kundalini

Once you’ve identified the presence of a deficient energy center within your body, you need to take the necessary steps to open that center. The following is a step-by-step guide to help you target the site of blocked chakra center and raise your kundalini.

kundalini energy

1. Identify the location of a chakra imbalance.

Find out where your energetic imbalance lies in order to target it and move on to the next step. You can take the Free Healing Test in order to quickly identify a blocked chakra center.

2. Apply chakra healing techniques.

There are number of things you can do to rejuvenate a closed energy center so that your kundalini force can once again rise through you. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, prayer, chromotherapy, and crystal healing are all available to those looking to experience energetic renewal.

3. Raise your kundalini.

Try this quick exercise to raising your kundalini twice a day in order to experience your body’s ancient life force.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, place your left hand in front of your pelvic bone. Raise you left hand slowly towards the top of your head, while your right hand moves around your left. When both hands are above your head, tie an imaginary knot and do this seven times, one for each chakra center. When you’re finished slowly lower your hands and place them, palms facing upward on your knees. Repeat “om” three times.

Once you’ve completed this exercise, try to start making it a part of your day. You’ll find that merely focusing on your body’s energy for several minutes each day can help you channel the energy of your kundalini to overcome the obstacles you face. Take your first steps towards finding healing today by identifying if you have a closed chakra center.

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