Earth Chakras – The Focal Energy Points of the Planet

Just as universal energy is focused and accentuated within the human body in whirling vortexes known as the seven chakras, the world we inhabit contains seven important centers of powerful and unending energy. These ‘earth chakras’ are spread out across the globe, and are important focal points, energizing all living things and providing each and every one of us with the life force required to enjoy and survive on this material planet. Even by having a basic knowledge of the location and nature of these seven earth chakras can boost your own personal healing and development practices, as we can use our astral bodies and visualization powers to meditate on these real, physical places, and benefit from the energy they can provide us.


The Root Chakra


The first chakra of the earth is found in northern California. Mount Shasta is the ‘base’ of the world’s energy system, and works as the root chakra of our planet. Here, the energy of the earth rises as a great and potent fount, offering life force and energization to all forms of life; from each of us as individuals to the smallest plants and microbes we are surrounded by. The mountain range which holds Mount Shasta acts as a divining rod, accepting and pushing out energy which is circulated around the globe with the turning of the earth.


The Sacral Chakra


The second, or sacral chakra of the earth is found at the foot of the mighty Andean Mountains, in the geographical center of Lake Titicaca. Just as the sacral chakra of the human body is mainly related to sex drive and procreative abilities, the energy which has its center of potency here is that which drives the earth to be populated with life, and encourages adaptation, evolution and the uphill march of living development. Without the energy from this important chakra, we would never have been able to get so far as a species, and the earth would remain barren.


The Solar Plexus Chakra


The solar plexus of the earth is calculated as being on the site of Uluru, formerly known as Ayer’s Rock, in Australia. This site has been sacred to the indigenous people for millennia, and rises from the dusty, red desert like a monolith, charged with potent creative and vitalizing energies. This chakra spreads the power to heal, the power to revitalize and create around the world. It is the energy of survival, it is the energy of immortal and everlasting health. The legends surrounding Uluru are many, but all agree that in the quite near future, we shall see a great burst of energy based in this location, sent out to heal all that we see broken and withered around us.


The Heart Chakra


The fourth chakra, the heart, is located in South West England, in the mystical Vale of Avalon. Here, we have the Somerset town of Glastonbury, a fascinating and deeply mysterious village which has been famed for over two thousand years as a result of the events and people which have been drawn there. The energies of love, acceptance and forgiveness pulse outwards from this site, and once attracted Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of Jesus Christ, who was said to have brought the Holy Grail to this place. Whatever the truth, it cannot be doubted that Glastonbury is a powerful source of world energy, and the center for the energies of love which encircle the earth.


The Throat Chakra


The great circle which holds the throat chakra of the earth has three main focal points – acupuncture points, if you will – located at the Great Pyramid of Giza, Mount Sinai, and the Mount of Olives. If the world has a voice, then the energies which let its true message be spoken are based in these areas, and these are the locations of the greatest and most powerful messages ever presented by mankind. The great religions of the earth may disagree with each other on certain fine points, but one cannot deny the strength which is carried in them, or their common goal of enlightenment and unity. This chakra has allowed mankind to reach out to the world, and make their impact on the minds and lives and all who will listen.


The Third Eye Chakra


The Third Eye Chakra of the earth is unlike the others, as it moves one twelfth of the way around the globe at the beginning of each era, or aeon. As such, at the dawn of each important global paradigm shift, the third eye is opened in the location it finds itself in, giving clarity of sight, vision and focus to the world. The potent energy of the third eye is currently in conjunction with the heart chakra in Glastonbury, but it is to move once more in the near future. The earth and all who live on it regularly need to have their eyes reopened, and need to be pulled forward in their personal and united development, and it is the energy of the sixth chakra which motivates and empowers this important shift.


The Crown Chakra


High in the Himalayas, above the Tibetan Plateau, we can find the location of the seventh, crown chakra of the earth. On the peak of Mount Kailas, the energy pulsing outwards from this point brings the potential for enlightenment and connection with the divine to all living things. This energy is often referred to as the ‘true will’, and can be thought of as the inspiration for the development of life on earth in the future. Tibet has always had a culture and lifestyle which strives for oneness, and stillness wherein the voice of the divine may be heard, and it is the crown chakra energy which flows outwards from this country which allows this to arise in mankind.

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