Channelling the Energies of the Earth

earthAs we walk through this life, and gaze at all its wonders, we discover quite naturally and easily that simple things are able to revitalise and energise our bodies and minds. One must only thing back to the last time we sat and watched a sunset, or relaxed before a beautiful view, or spent time in the company of loved ones and friends, laughing and enjoying our existence. What is happening in these moments? Why do we come away from them feeling like ‘new’ people? The answer is surprisingly logical, and can transform the way in which we live and encounter people and places. All we see and encounter is energy. All that we are is energy, and a surprising amount of it, in a surprising number of different forms. We are made up of physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic energies, and all that we are surrounded by is made up of exactly the same substances – substances which have been moving and converting themselves and transforming since the moment of creation. We know that energy can not be destroyed, merely transmitted from one place to another, and so why should we be surprised by the fact that such transmissions can effect us positively or negatively at every moment of our lives?

Channelling energy from our surroundings

When we open ourselves to energies, we are essentially channelling unseen forces from our environments and from those around us into ourselves. This can be done in a number of ways, and most often we do this action unconsciously. However, by channelling energies unknowingly, we are often affected negatively by this – it goes without saying that not all energies are positive, just as not all people are good for us. By doing it mindfully and consciously, we can ensure that we benefit greatly from channelling energies from our surroundings, taking healing and inspirational forces from nature and from all manner of things in order to better our lives and forward ourselves on the path towards enlightenment.

Rediscover your connection

earth eneryOne of the key reasons for suffering in the modern world is due to the lack of connection we feel with the world itself. We spend so much of our time cooped up inside, focusing largely on material and monetary goals and ambitions, surrounding ourselves with trinkets and objects to distract us from the fact that we sense something is missing. The earth on which we live is a hive of energy, a pulsing, nurturing and caring planet which can be easily and readily tapped into the for inspiration, motivation, healing and loving energy we require to live happy and healthy lives. This is partly the reason why we often feel a craving for the outdoors, why plants improve the atmosphere of our living spaces, and why a mere stroll in a city park can boost our energy and level of satisfaction with ourselves and our lives.

Visualisation Exercise

Next time you are feeling run down, or even if you believe yourself to be feeling fine, make sure you take an hour or two to head outside into some green space. Our civilisation is yet to erase so much natural land that we ever have to travel far to find a patch of trees or a park, and we must make the most of these areas whilst we still have a chance. Sit down, breath the air, feel the grasses beneath your body and through your fingertips, and understand that the energy running through these simple, beautiful organisms is non-different than the energy running through you. If you like, you can attempt some simple visualisation exercises with which to channel this natural energy into your body, and thus become aware of how effective and important such practices are. By sitting cross legged and straight-backed, you can close your eyes and begin to relax and feel yourself a living, breathing, connected part of the natural world around you. Imagine that you can see the earth around you bathed in a golden light, that each blade of grass is buzzing and humming with the energy granted by the sun above us. With each deep inhalation, visualise this energy spiralling up from the soil through your body, and saturating each and every part of you with its powers. Continue to relax and channel this vital and beautiful energy for some time, and come away feeling utterly refreshed and mindfully energised.

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