Kundalini Massage – Your Key To a Remarkable Source of Energy And Power

kundalini man‘Kundalini’ is one of those terms that many of us have come across in our search for spiritual awakening and good health, but it is more often than not a concept that most of us misunderstand, or fail to grasp the reality of. In ancient Sanskrit texts, Hindu scholars, healers and philosophers of old India describe the kundalini as a coiled serpent, a dormant, sleeping snake wrapped up tightly at the base of our spine. When awakened, it can produce unprecedented reserves of energy, formidable willpower and an unstoppable force of being which can benefit your life is some truly amazing ways. If you feel powerless in this world, like you have lost the ability to express your true voice and make yourself heard in the noisy crowds of your life, you could probably benefit greatly from beginning to uncoil and awaken the serpentine energy within you.

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Are You Experiencing Kundalini Awakening?

Kundalini Energy – Dangerous?

kundaliniThe kundalini is a powerful source energy that lies dormant within each and every person. Coiled at the base of your spine, the kundalini is often depicted as a serpent or snake. Once roused, it rises up your torso, increasing your vitality and driving your ability to seize each and every moment and live out your life to the fullest. You must awaken your kundalini in order to experience its potent effects.

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Can Reiki Therapy Help You Heal?

What is Reiki Healing?

reiki healingReiki is a form of healing that has become very popular in recent years. By now you may have heard people talking about reiki on television or in magazines. But what is reiki? The modern-day therapy known as reiki healing was initially developed by a Japanese Buddhist and since it has been adapted by numerous health practitioners all over the world. The success of this technique amongst patients is due to the fact that it optimizes the potency of the natural energy field surrounding the human body.

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The Energies of Healing: How To Use Them

energyOur bodies are wonderful and mysterious things, a complex organism capable of achieving great feats, creating new life and acting as our vehicles through this existence. We are all aware of the things we can do with our bodies, and our lives are spent watching them grow and change, develop and transform. However, we are all equally aware of the fact that we are far from being invincible.

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Earth Chakras – The Focal Energy Points of the Planet

Just as universal energy is focused and accentuated within the human body in whirling vortexes known as the seven chakras, the world we inhabit contains seven important centers of powerful and unending energy. These ‘earth chakras’ are spread out across the globe, and are important focal points, energizing all living things and providing each and every one of us with the life force required to enjoy and survive on this material planet. Even by having a basic knowledge of the location and nature of these seven earth chakras can boost your own personal healing and development practices, as we can use our astral bodies and visualization powers to meditate on these real, physical places, and benefit from the energy they can provide us.

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