Do Alternative Healing Methods Really Work?

Have you seen doctor after doctor with no success? Do you want to heal your whole self? Are you interested in holistic healing methods?

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Through western medicine, humans have been able to take great strides forward in terms of health improvements. From the discovery of insulin, to the development of vaccinations and cancer treatments, science has provided us with a firm footing to fight disease and illness. But, let’s face it, although modern medicine has achieved much in terms of improving our quality of life and longevity, these therapies are not infallible. Sometimes conventional medicine just doesn’t work – and the question is why?

Western-based medicine operates by identifying the expression of an illness and focusing on minimizing or eradicating those symptoms. Ultimately, doctors can fail to make a connection between symptoms and the root cause of an illness. Treatments aim to reduce or eliminate symptoms instead of identifying why the disease manifest itself in the first place. Such is the case with medication; although it can be very helpful in reducing the effects of a disease, it’s more of a quick-fix, a way to mask symptoms. In some cases, patients are successful in treating the symptoms of a disease, only to have them re-appear later. And without a way to address illnesses at the root, many people are forced to see doctor after doctor, searching for someone to tell them why they feel the way they do. It’s because of this frustration that many people turn to alternative healing methods.

Healing the Whole Via Alternative Healing Methods

natural healingYou may have come across some alternative medicine methods, including holistic medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy, energy healing, massage therapy – there are a lot of venues to explore. Most of these methods are rooted in eastern thought or indigenous healing philosophies. In general, these practices focus on healing the whole person by addressing the cause of a problem as opposed to only trying to minimize symptoms. For instance, a patient consultation with a naturopathic doctor would involve a discussion of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Chakra healing falls under the category of alternative healing. The concept of the chakras comes from ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts, where these seven centers of energy were identified as the source of all that a person thinks, says, and does. The expression of illness is seen as an energetic deficiency at a specified chakra center. For instance, obesity is tied to an energy imbalance at the Root Chakra. When you apply the principles of energy healing to address your illness, you’re actually identifying the source of your problem – negative energy – instead of only trying to minimize your symptoms. If you’re ready to try chakra healing to heal yourself wholly – whether your affliction is emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental – you need to identify the location of your chakra imbalance.

Can Alternative Healing Really Help You?

healthMost people turn to alternative medicine once they become fed up with conventional medicine: after time-consuming ordeals with specialists, after experiencing the negative side effects of medication, or after growing tired of being ushered in and out of the doctor’s office without having anything solved. Holistic healing can then serve as personalized, affordable, and effective treatments, and they’ve proven highly successful in treating a wide range of illnesses. From depression to infertility, non-conventional methods have helped millions of people to feel well again.

Of course, that is not to say that conventional western medicine has nothing to offer the sick. Indeed, the ideal treatment should combine the positive aspects of western medicine with the holistic approach of alternative methods. This way, the patient can experience the best of both worlds in order to optimize wellness.

Alternative methods such as chakra healing can be practised at home and used in conjunction with western-based therapy. If you would like to experience total rejuvenation, you can start by targeting your body’s source of energy – the chakras. By learning more, you can effectively restore an imbalance and rid yourself of illness.

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