Are your Chakras Balanced?

Take this 3-minute test and find out how each of your 7 Chakras are influencing your life.


Optimize Your Manifestation Game

Learn 3 really easy chakra healing moves you can do to release your own personal energy for wealth and abundance with ease. Watch my special video session to help you get started.

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3 Easy Ways to Vitalize Your Chakras

In this article I will teach you 3 Easy Chakra Healing Techniques to instantly vitalize your chakras. These simple techniques are practical to use on a daily basis.

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Meditating For Your Chakras

There are many different forms of chakra healing and one of the simplest ways is meditation. In this article you’ll be guided on a simple yet powerful meditation to support your healing.

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Culinary Healing for Your Chakras

There’s a delicious way to heal and balance your chakras: food! Food is Nature’s most powerful medicine, and foods (especially those that correspond to the colors of the chakras) carry vibrations that can balance and heal your chakras. When you think about your chakras, you probably don’t think about them in terms of food, since they…

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Prayers and Mantras for Chakra Healing

Words have incredible healing power, if used with loving intention. You can use specific words to heal – such as “love” and “thank you” but you can also go a step further and use a prayer, or a mantra, to impart the energy of the words you’re using in a very resonant and soothing way,…

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Can You Really Feel Your Chakras?

Have you ever wondered if you can feel your chakras? Any energy practitioner would tell you that absolutely, you can feel the chakras, but not all of us are attuned to our energetic selves and we have to learn to feel our chakras. The more chakra work you do, the better your sense of how…

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