Are your Chakras Balanced?

Take this 3-minute test and find out how each of your 7 Chakras are influencing your life.


Optimize Your Manifestation Game

Learn 3 really easy chakra healing moves you can do to release your own personal energy for wealth and abundance with ease. Watch my special video session to help you get started.

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3 Easy Ways to Vitalize Your Chakras

In this article I will teach you 3 Easy Chakra Healing Techniques to instantly vitalize your chakras. These simple techniques are practical to use on a daily basis.

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Meditating For Your Chakras

There are many different forms of chakra healing and one of the simplest ways is meditation. In this article you’ll be guided on a simple yet powerful meditation to support your healing.

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How a Blocked Root Chakra Messes With Your Bank Statement

Does your path to financial freedom always seem blocked? Having negative, fearful thoughts about success? Feeling frustrated by an inability to create and maintain abundance? Your root chakra is crying out for attention! The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is associated with feelings of security, stability, safety, survival issues (such as money and…

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How to Hum Your Way to Healthy Chakras

Sound healing has been used for thousands of years as a way to restore harmony in the mind and body. Sound has a powerful physiological effect – beyond the pleasant feelings we get when we hear music we like, we are also affected on a physical, emotional and spiritual level by the vibrational quality of…

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How Your Throat Chakra Affects Your Success

  Getting to the top of the corporate ladder, or achieving success in any endeavor, requires great communication skills. You have to be able to communicate ideas, wants and needs; to clearly explain problems and offer up solutions; to motivate your team (or friends, family or other supporters); to make amends when you make mistakes; and…

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