Are your Chakras Balanced?

Take this 3-minute test and find out how each of your 7 Chakras are influencing your life.


Optimize Your Manifestation Game

Learn 3 really easy chakra healing moves you can do to release your own personal energy for wealth and abundance with ease. Watch my special video session to help you get started.

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3 Easy Ways to Vitalize Your Chakras

In this article I will teach you 3 Easy Chakra Healing Techniques to instantly vitalize your chakras. These simple techniques are practical to use on a daily basis.

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Meditating For Your Chakras

There are many different forms of chakra healing and one of the simplest ways is meditation. In this article you’ll be guided on a simple yet powerful meditation to support your healing.

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Today’s Big Q: Do You Tell the Truth?

Do you tell the truth? Ah…. loaded question, isn’t it? Is your answer to this question truthful? Most of us would say “Most of the time.” And that’s the way it seems to be. Most of us try to tell the truth, most of the time. But little white lies creep in, mostly because we don’t want…

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11 Confidence Boosters We Love

While there isn’t one single thing you can do to boost your confidence, here are some awesome tips that will contribute to an ever-expanding increase in self-confidence… so you can take on your greatest dreams! 1. Exercise. Exercise gives you a surge of endorphins that make you feel like Superman. So go for a run or…

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Why Energy Healing Sometimes Doesn’t Work

If you’re looking into energy healing, the number one question you probably have is, “Does it really work?” Energy healing is effective. That’s the short answer. However, it doesn’t always work for everyone, in every instance. Energy is Energy. Why Won’t It Work? Even though it is being more widely used by healthcare practitioners, and is now…

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